Wim Hof Schweiz Method

Wim Hof Sweden, One week to feel to real change

Goal of the Wim Hof Trip

– Stress management
– Practice of the Wim Hof method
– Being in harmony with your body and nature
– Having a great time
– Total body-mind reconnection


– Breathing sessions Wim Hof Method
– Breatheology breathing sessions
– Techniques from the Buteyko method
– Sports activities with Oxygen advantage
– Release of emotional blockages
– Kneipp massage
– Christa’s culinary workshop
– Sauna
– Numerous surprise activities
All meals, activities and teachings included.
Meeting at Mora train station, direct from Arlanda airport

Wimhof Sweden

Day 1 Wim HOF travel

– Arrival at Mora station, direct from Stockholm Arlanda
– Beginning of the stay and passage through beautiful roads
– Pick up of the rooms (maximum 3 persons per room)
– First night in the middle of the wilderness


Day 2 Iceman

– Opening of the course, morning fasting
– Stretching session, relaxation, preparation for breathing Wim Hof
– Culinary activity and meal together, discovery trip
– End of the day: Meal and meditation followed by Emotion Code

Alex Pratique bain de glace en Suède

Day 3 Wim hof method advanced mode

– Practice Wim Hof extreme cold method
– Application of brown fat activation in real life conditions
– Application of the Kneipp Method and difference with the Wim Hof Method
– Discovery outing and surprise activity, end of day and intense relaxation session

exposition froid

Day 4 Breatheology 

– Breatheology Method and difference with the Wim Hof Method
– Stress management
– Introduction to the wilderness
– Nature immersion, end of day and Buteyko method

Aurore boréale

Day 5 Surprise

– Surprise day


Day 6 Oxygen advantage

– Oxygen Advantage method and application
– Difference between Oxygen advantage and Buteyko
– Combination Kneipp Method and Wim Hof
– Reconnecting to oneself course that is coming to an end

wim hof Stockholm

Day 7 end of the travel

– Well-being course and reconnection to oneself, it’s over
– Accompaniment from our parking at the Mora train station
– Departure to your country with a lot of memories
– End of the fast, end of the Wim Hof stay in Sweden, beginning of the sustainable well-being