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The application of the Wim Hof method with temperatures up to -30°C.  A journey combining extreme beauty and wild nature. Fulfillment guaranteed

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Wim Hof Methode Switzerland

Wim Hof Method Instructor?

I have the great fortune to be a Wim Hof instructor. I was trained in Iceland, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Poland with Wim Hof, called the Iceman.
I went on a trip simply because I had heard the sentence: “If you want to be Happy Healthy and Strong, come with me”.
It must be said that since the age of 20, I had a bad back. The sudden death of my father did not help.  And my blood circulation problems didn’t help at all. I was just in robot mode: work, car, sleep.
After practicing the Wim Hof method, new things started to happen as if by chance.  Directors thanking me, VIPs meeting me, the change of life during the workshops is perceptible.  All this thanks to Wim Hof, who said to me: “you have to become an instructor”.
Since then I have helped thousands of people to be happy and to find joy again. 


Wim Hof Method Christa

Kneipp Method but not only

The young lady here is Christa Weber, she hates the cold.
And yet, I met her during the Swiss Ice Challenge that I organized with Wim Hof in 2019. Her thing is the Kneipp method. This pastor cured himself of tuberculosis partly by cold water when he was already buried by some.
His other qualities? An extreme hiker who, even with a busted knee, will finish the GR20 (the most extreme in Europe) two days ahead of schedule, or will walk the road to Compostela, and will eat the strongest pepper in the world without flinching…in short…a woman. They are much stronger than men, it seems… But…I collaborate with her mostly because she will be the + and I the -.
The therapist that she is, reflexology recognized ASCA by the health insurances in Switzerland makes, that she will always temper my remarks on the Wim Hof method. And since then, we make people happy, with the Kneipp method, Wim Hof but not only… Breatheology, Buteyko, Emotion Code, oxygen Advantage, we give everything during our weekends. Everything.


Because we are active in helping people and sensitive to health, we are active members of the association “Médecin éco-santé” whose objective is to have a medicine that prescribes less medication.
Arthur has also organized workshops whose funds have gone to the association Zoe4life which helps children with cancer. He also founded the Swisscoldtraining association and actively collaborated in the successful SwissIceChallenge by directly coaching Pascal Zuberbühler, the Gotthard group, Urs Meier, Kerstin Cook, Carlos Lima, which raised more than 400’000 CHF for children’s associations.